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Posted on July 13 2018

Shall I eat and have a roof over my head or shall I become a starving artist?  This is a question raised by many creatives. I was faced with this choice after graduating with a design degree from a Baylor University. 


As a first generation American, without many people to lean on to give me the knowledge I needed to get ahead in life, I ended up being faced with many difficult decisions as an adult.  I had a huge debt load from a great school with a degree in a field I was passionate about.  Given the debt, the lack of funds to launch my own company, the intense competition for the creative design jobs, and the very low pay trajectory of design, I was pushed to open my mind to other opportunities for the sake of survival and at least staying in my field. I'm a believer in everything happening for a reason and being pushed towards a higher purpose.  The detour along with hearing no and you're not enough repetitively led me towards opportunities to work at amazing companies and working with amazing people.  I'm a creative who learned the power of learning to love the numbers.  


Retail has gotten to the point to either pushing hyper-consumerism via vehicles such as fast fashion or being led by non-makers who just happen to have the funds and decide to label themselves as creatives despite others performing the creative process for them.  Let's open the doors to creators who have the skills to make special pieces by showcasing their work in the same curated fashion as retailers we have grown to love.  Let's change the model to build that bridge towards entrepreneurship via a selling outlet that also offers mentorship for growth.  I call this a sustainable department store. We're creating a space where creatives who support their community by making goods within their local community or country.


My mother's saying was "you have time to lean, you have time to clean"; in other words, there's always work to be done.  I believe we have the ability to create a store that will compete with the big guys while leading with social responsibility.  It will take hard work, but this company does not fall into the leaning bucket.  Where there's a will, there's a way.  The will to support small businesses flows through my veins and through my mind on a constant basis.  I live it in my daily life and want to make it easier for people to do the same.

*See the world through the eyes of Chateau Hairouna.

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