Botanica 805

 Botanica 805
Botanica 805 was inspired by a love for all natural botanical goods that aim to support whole living. Their handcrafted apothecary products are made in small-batches, where craft and attention to detail, ensure quality of the final product. They also believe in doing their part to make it a better planet.

They donate to Trees for the Future. For every candle that is purchased, they plant a tree!

All of their products are made with pure essential oils and natural aroma oils, plant-based butters, mineral rich clays and salts, and botanical extracts, most of them organic. Their product packaging is eco-friendly. We use recycled glass containers, reusable metal tins, organic cotton bags, plantable wild flower seed paper labels, and Kraft lip balm tubes. Their products are all free of phthalates, parabens, artificial dyes, and colorants.


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