Cynthia Del Giudice Jewelry

Cynthia Del Giudice Jewelry
Cynthia Del Giudice Jewelry established her line in 2004.  She strives to create unique, organic, and minimalistic jewelry. She is inspired by these forms along with patinas, textures and the natural world. Her work is definitely conversational.

She is also an environmentalist, and tries to re-cycle and re-use as much as possible which you can see in some of her work. This is how her "Fused Plastic" collection was born. It is a environmentally friendly and beautiful way to use plastic bags. As delicate as they seem, they are very durable pieces of jewelry, that will last more than a lifetime. 
We at Chateau Hi love the designs of Cynthia Del Giudice and hope to carry more of her jewelry line.

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