Fuchsia Bloom Studio

Fuchsia Bloom
Rebecca has been designing and creating artisan jewelry since 1991. She started making jewelry after completing my studies at Massachusetts College of Art in marine illustration, and while working full time as an illustrator, she began making wire and bead creations for fun as a hobby. Soon she decided to sell a few of her pieces at a local artisan shop and Fuchsia Bloom Studio was born! After being inspired by the beauty of the fuchsia bushes growing wild along the roadsides in Ireland she chose to name her business after their lovely blooms. 
She creates these pieces in her home-based studio in Providence, Rhode Island (frequently interrupted by my two lovely kids!) and create jewelry which reflects her love of color, nature and her passion for all things vintage.

There is an eclectic mix of styles in my shops - some pieces have an antique feel reflecting her interest in jewelry from the Medieval, Edwardian, Art Nouveau/Deco periods, some reflect my love of flowers, Celtic and mystical things and some have a funky, artsy vibe. Besides my online shops I sell to specialty boutiques and at artisan fairs and also specialize in bridal and formal jewelry with an arty flair.

She pays great attention to quality and craftsmanship to insure that you receive many years of enjoyment.

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