Lenora Organics

Lenora Organics Founder
She began this journey by experiencing her own skin sensitivities and not finding anything to use. Most of the products on the market had very harsh ingredients and would create even more issues. With the frustrations of not finding a resolution and being a determined and imaginative woman, she started to create her own solutions from scratch!  

The name Lenora stems from a Great-Grandmother whose name was NORA and a Grandma named Lenora. It has a lot of meaning, and it truly reflects what is special and her love for organic products.

She creates these products in very small batches to ensure freshness and quality. These recipes are her own and are created from scratch with the finest certified organic ingredients 
No use of any preservatives, chemicals, dyes, synthetic fillers, animal testing but only on willing humans.

Sustainability is also very important to her, as we shop from companies with the same concept. 

We at Chateau Hi love the values of Lenora Organics!

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