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At ME • KU, dinnerware is the creator's canvas of choice which allows her to pair lustrous hand painted art with delicious and savory moments.

Meena's original designs are intricately hand painted by by her onto glassware and ceramics with paints that are more vivid in person than photos can express. The artwork is whimsical and very much influenced by aspects of life we cannot help but feel connected to such as nature, nostalgia, and romance.

More About the Art:

When Meena first began, she thought about how dinnerware itself is a unique canvas to be painting upon and wanted to make sure that her art felt aware of its chosen surface. These thoughts brought about two of her signature looks which allow my designs to be aesthetically interactive with one’s favorite drink.

The first look is her mosaic style of glass painting which pays homage to her love of mosaic craftsmanship. Through this technique that she's developed and spent a few years honing, images are created with individually hand painted tiles that are spaced apart, allowing drinks to peer through them. The application of mosaic tiles also allows her to feature distinctive color palettes since hues are individually showcased within each tile.

The second look is more minimalistic and a nod to her adoration for miniatures. The wine glass acts as the environment for the featured image while the beverage itself creates the art’s backdrop. 

That added layer of purpose and intention means Meena's artwork is designed specifically for the pieces they’re applied to, thus adding a unique charm to the dining experience.



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