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The name Chateau Hi was created based on the founder's mother being born and raised in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.  The French were the first Europeans to occupy this island and quite a bit of influence still remains.  Chateau translates to castle or large house usually occupied by lords or higher.  This island was called Hairouna by the Caribs who were the original people of the island; Hairouna means land of the blessed.   The founder appreciates the quality the French are known for paired with the beauty and peaceful way of life in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.  The retail store name has been shortened to Chateau Hi.
The founder of this company, Regina Clarke, has a passion for product, quality, and also for creators of all forms from around the world.  This website has been a long-time coming with intense planning and research being completed prior to launch.  The founder has over 15 years of direct experience and training in the retail industry from product development to working in buying and merchandising offices.  She also enjoys traveling around the world and going off the beaten path to ensure she has the opportunity to learn about the people's true way of life.
Chateau Hi is a retailer who focuses on guaranteeing quality while also providing products with a kick.  Our goal is to insert new brands you haven't been introduced to within our offerings.  With this in mind, we will provide easy access to getting to know the brand.  Additionally, you will find one of a kind, handpicked product from around the world.  We focus specifically on small businesses who produce their goods either locally within their community or within factories with standards that protect their employees' well being.  Ethics and sustainability are at the forefront of every decision made at Chateau Hi.
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Founder Regina Clarke pictured below.
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