Raw Beauty

RAW Beauty LLC is located in the Kansas City Metro area and was founded in 2014 by Delia. As a stay at home mother to a very active toddler she, like most new moms, was concerned about what she was putting on her son's body.

She started with making her family's sunscreen, cleaners, deodorant and other items that were known to have an abundance of toxic chemicals in them. When she had a light bulb moment to start making her own natural makeup.

What started out as a hobby quickly grew into a full-fledged small business that allows her to home school her young child and contribute to the family budget.

She was excited about her newly created cosmetics and skincare products that RAW Beauty LLC was launched so young women everywhere could enjoy the benefits of using a natural makeup line without the crushing expense of the mainstream beauty products. 

Delia's story is one of the reasons Chateau Hi created this business model that supports small businesses.  We believe in getting these amazing products in front of consumers who likely would have not had the chance to be introduced to them.


Raw Beauty

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