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Many years ago, Sara Bergman started making her own clothing and patterns on her parents’ dining room table. When she moved to Portland. she started getting jobs making costumes for modern dancers and acrobats. She also worked as an assistant to a few other designers in Portland, learning about apparel design and small-run manufacturing. In 2010, she started her own line, beginning with an Etsy shop. As business grew, the sewing corner in her basement began to burst at the seams, so she transformed a building behind her house into a sunny little workshop.

She inspired by street style, geometry, and women who are smart and bold. She studied anthropology in college and draws from that as well. She likes the idea that wearing interesting pieces in your daily life makes the day feel more special. She believes dressing creatively and intentionally is part of honoring your life and being kind to yourself.

Her goal is to keep dressing women in sharp, sweet, beautiful garments. She looks forward to continue evolving creatively, and growing her business sustainably. She also wants to raise awareness about ethical manufacturing in the garment industry. Everyone who works hard to make our clothing deserves a living wage. 

Sara Bergman is another example of why Chateau Hi focuses on curating a collection of products that are amazing, high quality, and sustainably made by small businesses.


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