Silver Rova Design


Meg Shepard and her husband spent several weeks diligently working on an idea for a family business.  In 2016, they came up with Silver Rova Design.

Meg was always inspired by the quote, "With every dark cloud, comes a silver lining". At the end of 2015 they had a huge dark cloud come over their family with a house fire. Lucky for them, there is a silver lining to this very huge cloud. The fire uncovered that their house was structurally unsound, and they were able to move back into their Rova Road home in better condition than it was before.

This business was inspired by her love of design and her husband amazing ability to bring every creation to life.

Chateau Hi hopes to carry their product for years to come.  Their product is not only beautiful, but it's well made. Chateau Hi only shares product that meets our quality standards.  


Silva Rova Design

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