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Unearth Malee blossomed from Marie's Thai-American background, giving her the daily fortune of experiencing Asian cuisine, and Eastern herbal remedies. Her mother's kitchen offered the perfect setting that sparked her intrigue of infusing savory essences of fragrant Asian herbs and spices. Smells of cilantro, lemongrass, ginger, kaffir lime, coconut milk, tamarind, and jasmine rice would permeate throughout the house constantly.

Soapmaking fell onto her path about 10 prior to her launch in 2008, after being riddled with sudden skin allergies. A lover of research, she uncovered a world of profuse amounts of chemicals put into body care products in a loosely regulated industry. With that knowledge she aimed to have complete control over what she would be putting on her skin, and decided to formulate her own recipes. To this day, every product is made with her original recipes, never made with a base, and always created out of the love for using wholesome ingredients.

In the art of soapmaking, she has been fortunate to use it as a platform for raising awareness of the environmental and social consequences of the destruction of rainforests in Indonesia and Malaysia to create palm oil plantations. Creating Palm Oil Free recipes has been from the start of Unearth Malee, a challenge, but forever eye opening to the devastation it causes on the habitats of rain forest animals like orangutans, which are on the edge of extinction.

Chateau Hi loves Marie's passion to create social change not only for humans and our bodies but also her concern for creatures that live among us.  As a soapmaker myself, I know that palm oil makes for a easy later, but it isn't the only option.  Marie has created a fantastic line of products that work fantastically and also smell amazing.
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