Guitar Measuring Spoons with Stand

$ 55.00


How could you stand to put a set of these measuring instruments away in a drawer? This listing is for four measuring spoons and display stand.

  • The acoustic guitar measures the tablespoon, it's about four inches tall.
  • The teaspoon is playing the five string banjo.
  • If you need a half teaspoon just reach for the mandolin.
  • Rounding out the set is the tiniest and cutest ukulele measuring a quarter teaspoon. It's just over two inches tall.
  • The stand itself is six inches wide and about three inches tall. 

Cast in pewter and polished to a fine luster. These are made to last, age and use will bring out a rich patina. Dishwasher safe if you don't mind them darkening.

Made and ships from Eugene, Oregon.


Click here to learn about the maker: Roofoos

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